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Name Ori. Style ABV. Sml. Lrg.
Levare Porto Strong AlePRTStrong Ale9.2%2.8€4.8€
Northern Monk Getting Caught in the RainGBRMilkshake IPA7.4%3.8€7.5€
Armazém da CervejaPils4.9%1.5€2.8€
Flying Inn RizomaESPDessert Sour IPA6.0%3.0€5.0€
Burguesa RauchbockPRTRauchbock6.5%3.0€5.0€
Burguesa Raspberry StoutPRTAmerican Stout7.0%3.2€5.5€
Alma AlentejanaPRTWitbier5.0%2.8€4.5€


Visit our shop. Take some beer and enjoy it over dinner with your family, over barbecue with your friends or while sightseeing Porto. Special discounts for parties and private events.

1 or more units -10%
6 or more units -15%
12 or more units -20%



Name Ori Style ABV. Vol. Price
Beavertown Gamma RayGBRAPA5.4%0.335.4€
Barona APAPRTAPA5.2%0.333.4€
Barona IPAPRTRed IPA6.2%0.333.4€


Refreshing, typically light with plenty of carbonation. Soft in flavor with subtle aroma.

Name Ori Style ABV. Vol. Price
Pilsner UrquellCZEPils4.4%0.333.2€
Ayinger CelebratorDEUDoppelBock6.7%0.333.8€
Basqueland El Capitán NorbESPKolsch4.9%0.333.8€
Gipsy Hill / Musa BuskerGBR100 Day Maibock5.8%0.445.2€
8a Colina AktorPRTDoppelbock9.0%0.334.5€
8a Colina FlorindaPRTLisbon Lager5.2%0.333.8€
Musa Mick LagerPRTHoppy Lager4.5%0.333.5€
Sovina HellesPRTHelles5.2%0.333.8€


With more body, these beers let the malt flavor come through. Displaying a range of colours, they are, in general, fruitier with undertones of caramel.

Name Ori Style ABV. Vol. Price
Basqueland AUPAESPPale Ale5.3%0.334.4€
Basqueland ArraunESPAmber Ale5.0%0.334.2€
Basqueland EquinoxESPAmerican Pale Wheat Ale4.8%0.334.2€
Lervig Hoppy JoeNORRed Ale4.7%0.334.2€
Barona BlondPRTBlond Ale5.5%0.333.2€
D'os Diabos Brown AlePRTBrown Ale6.0%0.333.2€
Dois Corvos AvenidaPRTBlond Ale4.8%0.333.2€
OPO 74 Red MosquitoPRTAmerican Amber Ale5.5%0.333.6€
Sovina AmberPRTAmber Ale6.0%0.333.9€


Belgian style beers taken to an extreme of richness and complexity. Strong beers with a characteristic combination of aromas and undertones of spices.

Name Ori Style ABV. Vol. Price
Alvinne MoenRyeBELTripel9.0%0.334.2€
Bersalis KadetBELLow ABV Tripel4.5%0.333.8€
Brasserie Lion 5BELBio Witbier5.0%0.333.8€
Bush AmbréBELBelgian Strong Ale12.0%0.335.4€
Chimay RougeBELDubbel7.0%0.334.8€
De Ranke Saison de DottigniesBELSaison5.5%0.334.8€
De Ranke XX-BitterBELBelgian IPA6.0%0.334.8€
Duchesse de BourgogneBELFlanders Red Ale6.2%0.334.2€
Dupont SaisonBELSaison6.5%0.334.8€
DuvelBELBelgian Strong Ale8.5%0.334.6€
Gulden DraakBELBelgian Strong Ale10.5%0.334.8€
Gulden Draak 9000BELBelgian Quadrupple10.5%0.335.0€
KwakBELBelgian Strong Ale8.4%0.334.7€
La ChouffeBELBelgian Strong Ale8.0%0.334.2€
Rochefort 10BELAbbey Quadrupel11.3%0.335.8€
Rochefort 8BELAbbey Tripel9.2%0.334.8€
St. Bernardus Abt 12BELAbbey Quadrupel10.0%0.335.8€
Straffe Hendrik QuadBELQuadrupel11.0%0.335.6€
Tripel KarmelietBELAbbey Tripel8.4%0.334.8€
Westmalle DubbelBELTrapense7.0%0.334.2€
Westmalle TripelBELTrapense9.5%0.334.5€
La Trappe QuadrupelNDLAbbey Quadrupel10.0%0.335.6€
La Trappe TripleNDLAbbey Tripel8.0%0.334.5€
Dois Corvos Power of ThreePRTPort & Whisky BA Tripel10.1%0.336.5€
Lupum Belgian Strong AlePRTBelgian Strong Ale10.5%0.334.6€


The less “malty” branch of ales, where hops take center stage. Different combination of hops make for extremely aromatic, fruity beers, light in body and with plenty of bitterness.

Name Ori Style ABV. Vol. Price
Brasserie Lion 6BELBio IPA6.0%0.334.2€
To Øl Dangerously Close to Stupid Amount of BananaDNKDouble IPA9.3%0.337.4€
Barcino Gòtic AleESPAPA5.2%0.334.0€
Basqueland Head ChangeESPNew England IPA7.1%0.335.2€
Basqueland Meet Me HalfwayESPSession IPA4.9%0.334.8€
Edge Pomp & CircumstanceESPBrut IPA7.7%0.336.5€
Garage CartoonsESPDouble IPA8.6%0.448.5€
Garage Gold on BlueESPNew England Lacto IPA5.7%0.447.8€
Garage KowTowESPBrut IPA7.0%0.448.5€
Jakobsland Dumbstruck Super CitraESPAPA6.3%0.334.8€
Jakobsland Places No One KnowsESPDDH NEIPA6.3%0.335.5€
Jakobsland Starz in Your EyesESPExtra-Brut IPA6.8%0.335.0€
Jakobsland The FitsESPDDH Imp. IPA9.0%0.335.2€
Jakobsland You HereESPDDH Imperial NEIPA8.0%0.335.8€
Laugar AmaraunaESPNEIPA6.0%0.447.5€
Laugar DortokaESPAmerican IPA6.4%0.447.5€
Laugar PunkarraESPSession IPA4.0%0.446.9€
Laugar ZapaburuESPNEIPA6.5%0.447.5€
Sesma/Flying Inn CyptojuiceESPNEPA6.0%0.333.0€
Pohjala VirmalisedESTAmerican IPA6.5%0.336.9€
Beavertown Gamma RayGBRAPA5.4%0.335.4€
Brewdog Punk IPAGBRIPA6.0%0.334.4€
Cloudwater Pét Nat SlushieGBRBrut IPA8.8%0.4410.5€
Northern Monk EternalGBRSession IPA4.1%0.335.4€
Northern Monk HeathenGBRAmerican IPA7.2%0.447.5€
Northern Monk Hop City 2019GBRDDH NEIPA7.0%0.4410.5€
Northern Monk New World IPAGBRIPA6.2%0.335.6€
Amundsen Zombie JuiceNORNEIPA5.5%0.449.2€
Lervig Lucky JackNORAPA4.7%0.334.2€
8a Colina Amargo Amor CashmerePRTSHIPA6.0%0.333.8€
8a Colina Amargo Amor EkuanotPRTSHIPA6.0%0.333.8€
8a Colina Amargo Amor Sorachi AcePRTSHIPA6.0%0.333.8€
8a Colina Joe da SilvaPRTAPA5.5%0.333.8€
8a Colina MusgueiraPRTBrut IPA6.6%0.333.6€
8a Colina Urraca VendavalPRTIPA6.0%0.334.0€
8a Colina Vila RodriguesPRTBlack DIPA8.0%0.334.5€
8a Colina Vila SousaPRTSession IPA4.8%0.333.8€
Barona APAPRTAPA5.2%0.333.4€
Barona IPAPRTRed IPA6.2%0.333.4€
Colossus WonderlustPRTAmerican IPA7.4%0.334.0€
Dois Corvos CreaturePRTNEIPA6.8%0.333.8€
Dois Corvos El Dorado Hop FunPRTDouble IPA7.8%0.334.2€
Dois Corvos MatinéPRTSession IPA4.5%0.333.4€
Dois Corvos MetropolitanPRTAPA5.6%0.333.2€
Mean Sardine AmuraPRTAPA6.0%0.333.5€
Mean Sardine TormentaPRTAmerican IPA6.0%0.334.4€
Mean Sardine VoragemPRTBlack IPA7.0%0.334.2€
Musa Born in the IPAPRTIPA6.5%0.333.5€
Musa Frank APAPRTAPA5.0%0.333.5€
Musa Red Zeppelin AlePRTSession IPA5.0%0.333.5€
OPO 74 GyroscopePRTIPA7.0%0.333.6€
Passarola Marquês de Pale AlePRTAmerican Pale Ale5.2%0.333.8€
Sovina IPAPRTIPA6.0%0.333.8€
Velhaca APAPRTAmerican Pale Ale5.5%0.332.2€
Brewski Rye StickSWERye IPA5.0%0.336.8€
Omnipollo NebuchadnezzarSWEImperial IPA8.5%0.336.2€
Omnipollo NeophyteSWEDouble NEIPA8.8%0.339.7€
Lagunitas IPAUSAIPA6.2%0.333.6€
Lagunitas Sumpin’ Sumpin’ AleUSAAmerican Wheat Ale7.5%0.334.6€
Proclamation/La Pirata Step ThumpUSADouble IPA9.0%0.512.8€


Typically dark in color with coffee, chocolate and caramel flavours. The combination of malt types and roasting brings out the character of each beer.

Name Ori Style ABV. Vol. Price
Dieu du Ciel! Péché MortelCANImperial American Stout9.5%0.3556.8€
Amager Hr. FrederiksenDNKImperial Stout10.5%0.337.7€
To Øl FormørkelseDNKImperial Stout10.0%0.337.8€
Basqueland AlvinESPImperial Stout10.5%0.335.2€
Basqueland Churros Con ChocolateESPImperial Stout10.0%0.336.0€
Basqueland Coco ChangoESPImperial Rye Porter9.5%0.335.0€
Basqueland Four Layer CakeESPSalty Chocolate Stout7.6%0.334.6€
Basqueland Jumper KitterESPImperial Stout10.5%0.336.0€
Garage/The Veil Sheet 33ESPAmerican Porter6.8%0.447.8€
Jakobsland Mathee & VaqueroESPImperial Baltic Porter11.0%0.335.8€
Pohjala JouluooESTImperial Porter8.0%0.337.8€
Pohjala Must KuldESTPorter7.8%0.336.2€
Pohjala Szechuan BangerESTImperial Stout12.5%0.3310.5€
Pohjala ÖöESTBaltic Porter10.5%0.337.6€
Puhaste TalvepattESTAmerican Porter6.6%0.335.2€
Puhaste Trinity In BlackESTImperial Stout12.5%0.337.2€
Puhaste TumeaineESTImp. Stout11.0%0.337.4€
Puhaste Tumeaine Guatemala CoffeeESTImp. Coffee Stout11.0%0.337.4€
Brewdog Mallow Maffia [Amundsen]GBRImp. Pastry Stout12.0%0.338.5€
Left Handed Giant Midnight SpecialGBRCoconut Coffee & Milk Stout5.1%0.448.2€
Siren Death by Caribbean Chocolate CakeGBRImp. Milk Stout with Cocoa10.5%0.338.8€
De Molen Tsarina Esra Woodford ReserveNDLBA Imperial Porter11.9%0.3310.5€
8a Colina BorgesPRTImperial Stout10.5%0.334.5€
8a Colina Zé ArnaldoPRTRobust Porter6.0%0.333.8€
Barona PorterPRTPorter6.5%0.333.5€
Burguesa Imperial StoutPRTImperial Stout9.1%0.334.8€
Colossus VascoPRTImperial Stout9.0%0.334.5€
Dois Corvos FinisterraPRTImperial Porter8.5%0.334.0€
Dois Corvos GaláxiaPRTMilk Stout6.0%0.333.4€
Dois Corvos MurderPRTImperial Stout BBA11.2%0.336.8€
D’os Diabos London PorterPRTBrown Porter6.5%0.333.4€
Mean Sardine PortucalePRTIS Porto e Figos11.0%0.335.0€
Mean Sardine/De Molen Ginja NinjaPRTImperial Stout c/ Ginja10.0%0.335.0€
Musa Baltic SabbathPRTBaltic Porter7.0%0.334.0€
Musa Twist and StoutPRTOat Stout5.5%0.333.5€
P.S. Imperial StoutPRTImperial Stout11.6%0.334.2€
P.S. Imperial Stout BBAPRTIS Bourbon BA14.0%0.335.8€
Sovina StoutPRTDry Stout5.2%0.333.8€
Brewski BenSWEImp Milk Stout9.5%0.337.9€


Typically German style, where wheat malt is added. In general, they are not filtered, resulting in a cloudy beer with thick body, lightly sweet, with characteristic clove and banana undertones.

Name Ori Style ABV. Vol. Price
Erdinger WeissbierDEUHefeweizen5.3%0.54.6€
Franziskaner WeissbierDEUHefeweizen5.0%0.54.6€
Weihenstephaner HefeweissbierDEUHefeweizen5.4%0.54.4€
Colossus AdamanteiaPRTSmoked Witbier4.8%0.334.0€
Velhaca WeissPRTHefeweizen5.0%0.332.2€


This category lists out of the ordinary beers, including wild yeast fermented such as gueuze and lambic beers, fruit beers, experimental recipes, special editions and other fermented drinks.

Name Ori Style ABV. Vol. Price
Alvinne SigmaBELSour Ale8.0%0.333.5€
Alvinne Sour’ire de MortagneBELSour Ale11.0%0.336.8€
Boon Kriek Mariage Parfait (2014)BELKriek8.0%0.37510.9€
Boon Oud GueuzeBELGueuze7.0%0.386.8€
Boon Oude Geuze (2015-2016)BELGueuze7.0%0.254.4€
Oud Beersel Framboise LambicBELFramboise Lambic5.0%0.37510.5€
Oud Beersel Oud Gueuze LambicBELGueuze Lambic6.5%0.3759.5€
Ayinger RadlerDEURadler2.8%0.53.5€
Lammsbrau AlkoholfreiDEUBio Pils S/Alcool0.3%0.332.8€
Lammsbrau GlutenfreiDEUBio Pils S/Gluten4.7%0.333.2€
Lammsbrau Glutenfrei Alkoholfrei BioDEUS/Alcool S/Gluten0.3%0.333.5€
Dry&Bitter GuavalancheDNKGuava Sour5.5%0.337.0€
Sidra BascaESPSidra Natural6.0%0.758.0€
The Good CiderESPCidra5.0%0.333.0€
Westons Wyld WoodGBROrganic Cider6.0%0.54.6€
8a Colina Vila PrazeresPRTRaspberry Sour4.8%0.333.8€
Alma Douro 2018PRTBarleywine BA Port12.0%0.337.2€
Barona EntrudaPRTSour3.8%0.333.5€
Burguesa XMAS 2017PRTWinter Ale9.5%0.334.6€
Dois Corvos Loquat NationPRTSour Saison BA6.0%0.335.8€
Dois Corvos Que Syrah Syrah!PRTGrape Ale Port Wine BA7.5%0.335.8€
Dois Corvos Raspberry JamPRTSour BA Red Wine4.5%0.335.8€
Passarola CarcavelosPRTDOS BA Carcavelos8.0%0.335.2€
Brewski Stand Tall [J. Wakefield]SWEBerliner Weisse4.5%0.337.8€
Omnipollo BrunoSWERaspberry Lime Sour3.5%0.338.9€


Limited editions and exclusive beers from the greatest worldwide breweries. Only occasionally available and in very limited quantities.

Name Ori Style ABV. Vol. Price
Boon Black Label No.3BELOud Geuze7.0%0.7519.5€
De Struisse Rio Reserva (2012)BELBelgian Quad BA10.5%0.339.8€
Siren Maiden (2017)GBRBA Barleywine11.3%0.37518.8€