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Name Ori. Style ABV. Sml. Lrg.
Armazém da CervejaPils4.91.5€2.8€
Post Scriptum California IPAPRTIPA - American6.42.5€4.2€
OPO74 Red MosquitoPRTRed Ale - American Amber / Red5.52.5€4.2€
Ayinger UrweisseDunkelweizen5.82.5€5.0€
Wylam Scenarios for Disruption Pale Ale - International3.43.2€6.8€
Lindemans KriekBELKriek99.02.5€4.8€
Vandoma Rua EscuraPRTRauchbock99.03.2€5.5€


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Name Ori Style ABV. Vol. Price
Beavertown Bloody ‘EllGBRIPA5.50.335.6€
Polly's Amarillo Citra Pale AleGBRAPA5.60.448.8€
Polly’s Centennial Citra Pale AleGBRAPA5.40.448.5€
Vibrant Forest Kick StartGBRStout - Oatmeal5.70.446.4€
CR/AK New ZealandITAGluten Free IPA7.00.405.4€
Lervig Magellanic CloudsNORTable Beer3.50.505.2€


Refreshing, typically light with plenty of carbonation. Soft in flavor with subtle aroma.

Name Ori Style ABV. Vol. Price
Pilsner UrquellCZEPils4.40.332.8€
Ayinger Bairisch PilsDEUGerman Pilsner5.30.333.4€
Ayinger Lager HellesDEUHelles4.90.503.8€
Erdinger Weissbier PikantusDEUWeizenbock7.30.504.5€
Northern Monk LifeGBRCitra Light Lager5.00.444.5€
Lervig Fully EvolvedNORPilsner4.50.505.2€
Dois Corvos PrataPRTPils5.00.332.9€
OnyxPRTDark Lager4.50.332.5€
Sovina HellesPRTHelles5.20.333.8€


With more body, these beers let the malt flavor come through. Displaying a range of colours, they are, in general, fruitier with undertones of caramel.

Name Ori Style ABV. Vol. Price
Lervig Hoppy JoeNORRed Ale4.70.334.2€
8a Colina Vila MariaPRTBlond Ale5.00.332.9€
Barona BlondPRTBlond Ale5.50.333.2€
Burguesa Scotch AlePRTScotch Ale8.50.333.8€
D'os Diabos Brown AlePRTBrown Ale6.00.333.2€
Dois Corvos MurmúrioPRTRed Ale5.60.332.9€
OPO 74 Red MosquitoPRTAmerican Amber Ale5.50.333.6€
Sovina AmberPRTAmber Ale6.00.333.8€


Belgian style beers taken to an extreme of richness and complexity. Strong beers with a characteristic combination of aromas and undertones of spices.

Name Ori Style ABV. Vol. Price
Bersalis KadetBELLow ABV Tripel4.50.333.8€
Chimay BlueBELTrapense9.00.335.5€
Chimay BrancaBELTrappist Tripel8.00.334.6€
Chimay RougeBELDubbel7.00.334.8€
De Ranke XX-BitterBELBelgian IPA6.00.334.8€
Delirium TremensBELBelgian Strong Ale8.50.335.2€
DuvelBELBelgian Strong Ale8.50.334.6€
Gulden DraakBELBelgian Strong Ale10.50.334.8€
Gulden Draak 9000 (2018)BELBelgian Quadrupple10.50.335.0€
KwakBELBelgian Pale Ale8.40.334.5€
La Chouffe 0.75BELBelgian Strong Ale8.00.334.2€
Rochefort 10BELAbbey Quadrupel11.30.335.8€
Rodenbach AlexanderBELFlanders Red Ale5.60.334.8€
St. Bernardus Abt 12BELAbbey Quadrupel10.00.335.8€
Straffe Hendrik QuadBELQuadrupel11.00.335.5€
Westmalle TripelBELTrapense9.50.334.8€
La Trappe QuadrupelNDLAbbey Quadrupel10.00.335.5€
Zundert 10NDLBelgian Quadrupel10.00.336.2€
Lupum Belgian Strong AlePRTBelgian Strong Ale10.50.334.6€


The less “malty” branch of ales, where hops take center stage. Different combination of hops make for extremely aromatic, fruity beers, light in body and with plenty of bitterness.

Name Ori Style ABV. Vol. Price
Brasserie Lion 6BELBio IPA6.00.334.2€
Fuerst Wiacek AirheadDEUSmoothie IPA6.00.449.5€
Sudden Death Let Me Be Your Hero, Baby!DEUIPA - American7.00.336.8€
To Øl House of PaleDNKNEPA5.60.509.6€
To Øl Tropical RumbleDNKSession IPA4.30.335.8€
Basqueland GlowESPSession IPA5.00.335.4€
Garage Beyond RepairESPSession NEIPA4.50.447.5€
Garage Inchino di MareESPNEIPA5.50.448.2€
Garage Pink TigerESPSession NEIPA4.70.447.5€
Jakobsland Dumbstruck Super CitraESPAPA6.30.334.8€
Malandar In The PoolESPDDH IPA6.50.447.5€
Peninsula Groovy BabyESPSession IPA4.00.447.8€
The Flying Inn DemeterESPBelgian IPA7.00.446.4€
The Flying Inn Flight RecorderESPGluten Free IPA6.80.334.5€
The Flying Inn IrisESPNEIPA6.50.446.9€
Pohjala Bag of BonesESTDouble IPA8.50.337.4€
Pohjala HoudiniESTNEIPA6.20.335.9€
Popihn Double IcaunaFRADouble IPA8.00.336.2€
Popihn Mosaic IPAFRAIPA6.20.336.2€
Beavertown Bloody ‘EllGBRIPA5.50.335.6€
Brewdog / Turning Point Chip HazardGBRAPA5.70.336.5€
Gipsy Hill RefectoryGBRIPA - Imperial / Double New England7.20.449.8€
Magic Rock CannonballGBRIPA7.40.334.8€
Magic Rock DruseGBRSession IPA4.30.507.8€
Northern Monk Patrons Project 15.04 / Lucy Ketchin / Left Handed Giant: Take Care Of BusinessGBRSour Cherry Bakewell IPA6.50.448.5€
Northern Monk Patrons Project 21.01 / SKGN: Dream Lines Forms: OneGBRDDH IPA7.40.448.9€
Northern Monk Patrons Project 4.06 / Drew Millward: Northern TropicsGBRCeral Milk IPA7.20.448.8€
Northern Monk Patrons Project 7.06 / Gamma: HumleGBRDDH Double IPA8.20.449.8€
Polly's Amarillo Citra Pale AleGBRAPA5.60.448.8€
Polly’s Centennial Citra Pale AleGBRAPA5.40.448.5€
Polly’s Chinook El DoradoGBRIPA5.20.448.5€
Polly’s Citra Enigma Pale AleGBRAPA5.50.448.2€
Polly’s Galaxy Mosaic India Pale AleGBRNEIPA6.50.448.8€
Polly’s KyraGBRAmerican IPA6.50.449.2€
Polly’s On & On & OnGBRIPA - Milkshake7.20.449.5€
Polly’s Who KnewGBRIPA - New England6.60.449.2€
Vibrant Forest DelugeGBRIPA - Imperial / Double8.00.448.8€
Wylam Economic Growth of the GeekGBRIPA - International6.80.449.5€
Wylam The Uninportance of the InertiaGBRPale Ale - International5.80.449.5€
CR/AK New ZealandITAGluten Free IPA7.00.405.4€
Toccalmatto Zona CesariniITAIPA6.60.334.8€
Het Uiltje Bird of Pray (2019)NDLIPA5.80.334.8€
Kees Just (in) KeesNDLIPA - American8.90.334.5€
Amundsen Hopbliminal MessagesNORNEIPA5.50.336.5€
Cervisiam From the VoidNORIPA - Imperial / Double New England8.00.336.5€
Lervig Beans & BerriesNORIPA - Milkshake6.90.338.5€
Lervig FreakshakeNORIPA - Milkshake6.50.508.5€
Lervig Idaho PicnicNORPale Ale - American5.80.508.5€
Lervig Magellanic CloudsNORTable Beer3.50.505.2€
Lervig Patio LanternsNORPale Ale - New England5.40.508.8€
8a Colina IolandaPRTDouble IPA9.00.334.4€
8a Colina Joe da SilvaPRTAPA5.50.333.8€
8a Colina Urraca VendavalPRTIPA6.00.334.0€
8a Colina Vila BertaPRTNEIPA6.50.334.2€
8a Colina Vila RodriguesPRTBlack DIPA8.00.334.5€
Barona APAPRTAPA5.20.333.4€
Barona IPAPRTRed IPA6.20.333.4€
Dois Corvos CreaturePRTNEIPA6.80.333.8€
Dois Corvos El Dorado Hop FunPRTDouble IPA7.80.334.2€
Dois Corvos MetropolitanPRTAPA5.60.333.2€
Lupum Triple IPAPRTIPA - Triple10.00.334.5€
Mean Sardine VoragemPRTBlack IPA7.00.334.2€
Musa Born in the IPAPRTIPA6.50.333.5€
Musa Frank APAPRTAPA5.00.333.5€
Musa Maria AlbertIPAPRTDouble NEIPA9.00.334.0€
Musa Red Zeppelin AlePRTSession IPA5.00.333.5€
OPO 74 GyroscopePRTIPA7.00.333.6€
Sovina IPAPRTIPA6.00.333.8€
Lobik Canning LineSLOIPA5.40.334.5€
Lobik EnemaSLODouble NEIPA8.00.335.9€
Lobik HMS NelsonSLOSingle Hop NEIPA7.00.335.5€
Lobik MoneyballSLOTriple IPA9.40.336.0€
Lobik RollercoasterSLOImperial IPA8.00.334.7€
Lobik Sunrise in ArgentinaSLONEIPA6.80.335.5€
Apex DDH Mosaic Single Hop IPASWEIPA - New England6.50.449.8€
Brewski Scarecrow DDHSWENEIPA7.00.337.2€
Omnipollo BenSWESimcoe Single Hop Pale5.50.336.5€
Stigbergets / Garage Oceans ApartSWEIPA7.00.337.9€
Stigbergets Amazing HazeSWENEIPA6.50.337.5€
Stigbergets Double Headed DDHSWEIPA6.50.449.2€
Stigbergets New and ImprovedSWENEIPA6.50.449.2€
Central Waters HHG APAUSAAPA5.30.366.8€
Lagunitas 12th of Never Ale (2019)USAAPA5.50.363.6€
Lagunitas IPAUSAIPA6.20.333.6€
Lagunitas Sumpin’ Sumpin’ AleUSAAmerican Wheat Ale7.50.364.6€


Typically dark in color with coffee, chocolate and caramel flavours. The combination of malt types and roasting brings out the character of each beer.

Name Ori Style ABV. Vol. Price
Bierol Koida KaffeeAUTPorter - Baltic8.20.337.5€
To Øl FormørkelseDNKImperial Stout10.00.337.8€
The Flying Inn MathonESPPastry Stout7.00.446.8€
Lehe RavnodenstvieESTRussian Imp. Stout11.00.336.5€
Magic Rock Dark ArtsGBRStout6.00.334.8€
Siren Bourbon TurkishGBRCoffee Stout11.50.339.8€
Vibrant Forest Kick StartGBRStout - Oatmeal5.70.446.4€
De Moersleutel Motorolie CoffeeNDLCoffee Stout12.00.449.6€
De Moersleutel Smeerolie MexicakeNDLPastry Stout10.00.449.6€
De Molen Different & UnusualNDLImperial Stout10.40.336.2€
De Molen Tsarina Esra Woodford ReserveNDLBA Imperial Porter11.90.339.5€
Cervisiam GrylaNORStout - Pastry10.00.337.2€
Cervisiam Krampus 2NORStout - Pastry10.00.337.5€
Cervisiam Rocky Road Picture ShowNORStout - Pastry10.00.337.5€
Lervig 3 Bean StoutNORStout - Imperial / Double12.00.336.5€
8a Colina BorgesPRTImperial Stout10.50.334.5€
8a Colina TovaRISchPRTRussian Imperial Stout11.00.336.8€
8a Colina Zé ArnaldoPRTRobust Porter6.00.333.8€
Barona PorterPRTPorter6.50.333.5€
Burguesa Imperial StoutPRTImperial Stout9.10.334.8€
Dois Corvos FinisterraPRTImperial Porter8.50.334.0€
Dois Corvos GaláxiaPRTMilk Stout6.00.333.4€
Dois Corvos MurderPRTImperial Stout BBA11.20.336.8€
Lupum Imperial StoutPRTImperial Stout Cocoa & Coffee13.40.336.5€
Lupum Imperial Stout Tonka BeansPRTTonka Bean Imp. Stout12.00.336.8€
Luzia Imperial StoutPRTImperial Stout10.00.334.8€
Musa Twist and StoutPRTOat Stout5.50.333.5€
Post Scriptum Imperial StoutPRTImperial Stout11.60.334.4€
Sovina StoutPRTDry Stout5.20.333.8€
Stigbergets X Wylam - Critical MässSWEImperial Stout12.00.449.6€
Untitled Art Marble HalvaUSAImperial Milk Stout12.00.459.8€


Typically German style, where wheat malt is added. In general, they are not filtered, resulting in a cloudy beer with thick body, lightly sweet, with characteristic clove and banana undertones.

Name Ori Style ABV. Vol. Price
Ayinger Altbairisch DunkelDEUDunkel Hefeweizen5.00.503.8€
Erdinger DunkelDEUDunkel5.30.504.2€
Erdinger WeissbierDEUHefeweizen5.30.504.5€
Paulaner Hefe-WeizenDEUHefeweizen5.50.504.5€
Weihenstephaner HefeweissbierDEUHefeweizen5.40.504.4€
Sovina TrigoPRTTrigo4.90.333.8€


This category lists out of the ordinary beers, including wild yeast fermented such as gueuze and lambic beers, fruit beers, experimental recipes, special editions and other fermented drinks.

Name Ori Style ABV. Vol. Price
Boon Geuze Mariage ParfaitBELOude Geuze8.00.386.8€
Mort SubitBELLambic - Kriek4.00.334.5€
St. Louis FramboiseBELLambic2.50.253.9€
Blech.Brut VaraderoDEUFruit Beer6.20.335.8€
Erdinger AlkoholfreiDEULow Alcohol0.40.332.6€
Alefarm Summer LotusDNKSour5.50.449.5€
Basqueland Quick HandESPKveik Framhouse Ale6.00.335.4€
The Good CiderESPCidra5.00.333.0€
The Good Cider LemonESPCidra5.00.333.0€
The Good Cider Strawberry-LimeESPCidra5.00.333.0€
Coolhead Salted Licorice Raspberry SourFINSour - Other5.00.336.8€
Thirstly Cross CloudyGBRCider - Traditional5.50.333.9€
Thirstly Cross Straight from the CidershedGBRCider - Dry5.00.333.9€
Thirstly Cross TraditionalGBRCider - Traditional4.40.333.9€
Thirstly Cross Whisky CaskGBRCider - Traditional6.90.333.9€
Cervisiam Weekend At BerriesNORSour - Gose - Fruited6.50.336.2€
Lervig No WorriesNORAlcohol Free IPA0.50.333.8€
Lervig Paragon (2018)NORBarleywine - English13.50.3316.5€
8a Colina AgasalhoPRTCocoa Winter Ale8.50.333.9€
8a Colina BardolfoPRTCask Aged Old Ale 10.50.335.8€
8a Colina BonifácioPRTRauchbier5.20.333.5€
8a Colina FalstaffPRTWheatwine BA Madeira11.00.336.8€
8a Colina PlantagenetaPRTBarley Wine11.50.336.8€
AlfaPRTCidra 100% MaçãN/A0.333.0€
Barona EntrudaPRTSour3.80.333.5€
Burguesa BarleywinePRTBarleywine9.30.334.5€
Burguesa Pack 6PRT6-PackN/A0.3320.0€
Dois Corvos BrettinhoPRTBrett Beer8.00.335.5€
Dois Corvos Martian WinterPRTSour - Flanders Red Ale4.60.335.9€
Musa Pack 4PRT4-PackN/A0.3312.0€
Musa Pack 6PRT6-PackN/A0.3318.0€
P.S. Ora et Labora Bio PilsPRTGluten-free Bio Pils4.50.333.8€


Limited editions and exclusive beers from the greatest worldwide breweries. Only occasionally available and in very limited quantities.

Name Ori Style ABV. Vol. Price
3 Fonteinen Oude Geuze 18 Blend 78BELOude Geuze6.50.7525.0€
Boon / Mikkeller Gout AmericanBELGueuze6.50.7518.5€
Boon VAT 108BELLambic Mono Blend8.00.3814.5€
Rodenbach Caractère Rouge (2016)BELFlanders Red Ale7.00.7519.5€
Tre Fontane TripelITAItalian Trappist8.50.7512.8€
De Molen Push & Pull Bourbon BANDLImp. Stout BBA10.50.338.5€
Cascade Brewing Strawberry (2015)USAFruited Sour8.00.7528.5€
Interboro Primo RemixUSADouble IPA8.00.4513.5€
Kern River Class V StoutUSAImperial Stout8.50.6619.4€
Pipeworks Pothole CityUSAImperial Stout10.50.6619.8€
Pipeworks S’More Money S’More Problems (2019)USAImperial Stout10.00.6619.8€